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Kids at Heart Publishing

Shelley L.A. Davis

Milton’s Playground, Black Gold in Crocodile Cove, Alvin Volunteer Therapy Dog, Taking Your Pet to the Vet, Kaetlin and the Perfect Kupcake, Lee the Bee &Mattie the Mule Goes to School

Shelley is the owner of Kids at Heart Publishing, LLC., which she started in 2010. She has published 15 books of her own, as well as over 70 books by authors both locally and nationally. Mrs.  Davis has also illustrated several books of her own & for other authors.

Bess Sturgis

Ghouliana Stories The Shoe Troll, The Gift & new release Ear Trouble

Ghouliana Stories is a professional storyteller and author. She writes and tells original “Not Too Scary Tales” designed to thrill and delight, but not frighten children of all ages. When not in storytelling costume, she is an professional artist and lecturer. Ghouilana delights in sharing her knowledge of art, science, culture and history with children 12 and under at schools, museums, libraries, and art facilities throughout the Human World.
All of her wonderful stories teach a lesson.

Beverly Schemmer

The Prairie Farmer and The Case of the Zodiac Sampler

Beverly lives in Winchester, Indiana, not far from the fictionalized Deerfield portrayed in The Case of the Zodiac Sampler. Bev dabbled in writing during her career in education as a teacher and school principle. Now, having left academics behind, she enjoys developing the stories that had been coagulating for ever so long. Her first novel, The Prairie Farmer, which was released a year ago in 2016, told the heartwarming story of Jenny Clark, widowed in 1918. Bev also enjoys quilting, reading, cooking, and spending time with her husband Murray, their three children, son-in-law, and three grandchildren.

Darlene Worth Frame

I Always Do Laundry on Monday & When Grandma was a Girl

I Always Do Laundry on Monday shares Darlene’s upbringing in small town middle America during the 1950s and 60s. It is a book of sentimental and inspirational poems and commentary stories that reflect a more simple life. In this book, Darlene shares happy, funny, and difficult events that required faith to help maintain peace and steadiness. It is a book intended to help others recognize that all of us live life in different yet similar ways. But in the living, we are all loved by the same loving heavenly Father. This is a book that Darlene hopes will encourage readers.

Denise Jones

The Green in the Grass and new release A Cookie is a Circle

Denise is a mother, teacher, and writer. She has a master’s degree in special education and has been teaching children for over 25 years. Denise has two wonderful books featuring bright colorful photographs taken by her daughter Miranda.

Donna Cronk

Sweetland of Liberty Bed & Breakfast, and That Sweet Place: At Home in the Heartland.

Author Donna Cronk grew up in the area on her family’s farm. A graduate of Union County High School and Indiana State University with a journalism degree, she is a career community journalist and has been with the New Castle Courier-Times for many years.

She has written and published two books in the women’s inspirational genre, “Sweetland of Liberty Bed & Breakfast,” and “That Sweet Place: At Home in the Heartland.” Both are available in the Artisans & Java building in the Kids at Heart Publishing bookshop there.

Married to Brian, the two have two grown sons and one daughter-in-law. Donna enjoys public speaking at a variety of women’s events and clubs sharing her faith and inspirational themes that encourage women to live their dreams and bloom where they are planted. Reach her at email: newsgirl.1958@gmail.com and visit her website to read her regular blogs at www.donnacronk.com.

Eva Reece

Brownie Calf & the Barnyard Babies & The Boinking Bubble Machine Coming Soon! Brownie Calf & the Barnyard Babies Go to the Zoo

Eva was born is Manchester, Kentucky, and moved to Richmond, Indiana, as a teenager, where she still resides today. Eva has always been a kid at heart so finding Kids At Heart Publishing to publish her children’s stories was a good fit.

Ira Hughes


Toadarackus is Ira Hughes’ first children’s book. She is the author of the following novels: Seeds of Light, The Christmas Bell, Behind the Wall, and the upcoming young adult novel Masks. Ira lives and writes in Greenfield, Indiana.

James H Wilkinson

Mom-Bre, In the Eye of the Hurricane- Storms of the Century, The Lonely Star, The Gypsy Dolls, Yang the Dragon Tells His Story- The Halloween Train, and his most recent Alakazar and the Purple Moon

James lives in Rush County, Indiana, on his family farm and is a writer of Christian fiction. Alakazar and the Purple Moon is his sixth published book. He has published two other novels: Mom-Bre and In the Eye of the Hurricane- Storms of the Century. He has also published three children’s books: The Lonely Star, The Gypsy Dolls, and Yang the Dragon Tells His Story- The Halloween Train.

Jennifer Wesler

Jennifer Wesler graduated from The College of Wooster with a degree in sociology, and then received her MAT from Miami University in Oxford, OH. Jennifer and husband Ron have raised 3 children on their third generation orchard where they grow many varieties of apples, peaches, plums, grapes, raspberries, cherries along with vegetables.  In 2002 they visited several orchards in New Zealand, a country well-known for apple production.  It was on that trip that Jennifer originally had the idea for an ABC book. She has been teaching for 29 years, more than half of those years in first grade.  Each year she incorporates ABC books into classroom instruction to teach letter ID, phonics, and rhyming. It is her hope that this book will provide teachers and families with background information and vocabulary before visiting an orchard.

Joan Martin

Murphy Discovers the Pipe Organ, Murphy and the Doctor, Four Daring Damsels from Atwater Kingdom- A Hiking Adventure, and Murphy Goes to Basketball Camp

Joan is a retired elementary schoolteacher who has written Murphy Discovers the Pipe Organ, Murphy and the Doctor, Four Daring Damsels from Atwater Kingdom- A Hiking Adventure, and Murphy Goes to Basketball Camp.

John N. (Jake) Ferris

Mary Jane Whiteley Coggeshall, Hicksite Quaker, Iowa/National Suffragette and Her Speeches

Jake lives in East Lansing, Michigan, as a professor emeritus from Michigan State University but has strong ties to Milton, Indiana, where he was born and raised, as was Mary Jane Whiteley Coggeshall, the subject of his book. Since 1999, Jake has owned his family farm, which is adjacent to Milton and the farm owned by his sister-in-law, Mary Ferris. His niece, Liz Ferris, and nephew, Jonathan Ferris, and family also live in Milton. Jake is delighted to have Mary Jane Whiteley Coggeshall, Hicksite Quaker, Iowa/National Suffragette and Her Speeches produced by the local Kids At Heart Publishing, LLC.

Judith White Morris

A Little Hoosier Kid

Dr. Judith White Morris was a former Little Kid in Milton until, when she was twelve years old, her family moved to South Bend. She grew up, went back to school at age 38, earned her doctorate in History, and taught at Ball State University until retirement. She currently hopes to return to live in Milton.

Mary Jo Slonaker

The Vinton House & The Winners Circle

Mary Jo Slonaker has written about harness racing for over 30 years. She has traveled following the horses from FL to CA. Ms. Slonaker is a retired teacher and is the secretary/treasurer of the Single G Memorial Association.

Maxine Ferris

Let Love Happen

This book is dedicated to Spartan Professors, who true to the university’s Land Grant Mission, share useful research-based knowledge worldwide. This book is also dedicated to Montessori Directors and Directresses, who with caring and skills unleash the curiosity, creativity and love of learning in thousands of children annually.

Patrician Godspeed and Diana Orem

Murder on Persimmon Lane

This novel is dedicated to Patricia and Diana’s beloved husbands, who encouraged them every day and laughed at them for having too much fun. This novel is in memory of co-author Diana Orem (1946-2013).

RJ Duvall

Can You Imagine? & Imagine That!

RJ is the third child in a family of eleven children, where a love of reading was instilled upon all. Can You Imagine? is her first book, illustrated by Betsy Morphew. The idea for this book came to her while she was sitting cross-legged on top of a picnic table, daydreaming. Her hope is that this book will inspire all children to read and use their imaginations fully.

Sandy Moore

Sandy Moore lives on an Indiana farm with her husband, Mike, where she cares for a dog named Doodle, a cat named, Millie and two horses, Sadie and Gray. She is a mother and grandmother.
Moore is a retired feature writer for The Courier-Times of New Castle where she created a children’s feature each week complete with an original story, games and puzzles. She continues to write for Her magazine, a quarterly feature magazine about women.
Moore has volunteered her services to children’s ministries at her church and an after-school ministry entitled DIVE.
She taught the “Too Good for Drugs” program for all second and third grade students in the county where she resides. It was in this position, she realized that today’s children have great needs and have much to overcome.
Along with her husband, children, granddaughter, and pets, Moore has enjoyed living and thriving on her Henry County, Indiana farm.
Moore children’s novel, Sadie’s Search for Home, was published in October of 2016. Sadie was a neglected, skinny quarter horse that Moore acquired on the farm. With lots of love and healthy food, Sadie was restored to health and found her destiny in the family.