Warm Glow proudly supports organizations involving, but not limited to, humanitarian support, children, animals and illnesses within a 75 mile radius.

Unfortunately we can not ship donations.
All donations must be picked up from our Centerville location.

Donation requests must be submitted at least one month in advance of the date the donation is needed to be picked up, to allow time for review.

Phone, email or walk in requests for immediate donations will no longer be accepted.

A flyer for the event or letter on company letterhead must accompany the request.

Due to the number of donation requests received, a submitted form does not guarantee a donation will be given.

Donations are given at the sole discretion of
Warm Glow Candle Co.

Completed Donation Request forms may be
mailed to PO Box 127 Centerville IN 47330,
faxed to 765-855-2774,
or emailed to sales@warmglow.com