Fall and Winter Fragrances

Available July thru December

Autumn Evening

Experience a cool, crisp autumn breeze with this intoxicating combination of harvested fruit & berries, cinnamon, spices and a hint a sweetness.

Baked Brown Sugar

Baked Brown Sugar

Our combination of brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, rum, and maple can’t be eaten, but when you smell it you’ll wish you could.

Christmas Tinsel

A refreshing, crisp greenery fragrance that will remind you of fond memories of Christmas mornings.


A stimulating fragrance of fresh, spicy cinnamon sticks.



A rich fragrance that will warm your home with the spicy scent of fresh cloves.

Cranberry Chutney

The fragrance of fresh cranberries surrounded by warm vanilla.

Cranberry Stardust

One of our most popular fragrances all dressed up for the holidays! The crisp scent of fresh harvested cranberries in Homespun Harvest, but instead of being rolled in crushed rose hips, we added a little sparkle to this classic candle by rolling it in glitter.

Fall Harvest

A warm scent of pumpkin spiced with clove, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Frosty Morning

A comforting scent of mulberry combined with crisp Macintosh apples will warm your heart on a cold day.

Grey Cashmere

Grey Cashmere

Warm inviting fragrance of bergamot, rosewood, cypress, vanilla and a hint of amber

Ma & Pa Kettle Corn

You will think you are at the county fair with this incredible, sweet & salty fragrance, with just a hint of caramelized brown sugar.

Maple Butter

This creamy, warm, sweet, buttery scent with hints of maple will have you craving breakfast with hot rolls and biscuits.



Spicy rich fragrance with hints of mulberry, cinnamon and clove.

Merry Mint

Merry Mint

Sweet invigorating fragrance of peppermint will bring back memories of candy cane adorned Christmas Trees.

Santa's Cider

Santa's Cider

One of our best selling fragrances, Apple Cinnamon, renamed for the holidays. Santa’s Cider is a delectable combination of sweet & spicy cinnamon with fresh apple. Perfect for fall and winter, it’s sure to put a smile on Santa - and his elves!

Sugar Maple

Experience Saturday morning every time you smell this creamy sweet scent that will have you craving pancakes.

Toffee Cream

A sweet blend of rich cream drizzled with warm buttery toffee.

Vanilla Custard

Creamy rich scent has just the right balance of vanilla and nutmeg to produce a fragrance worthy of an oven.

Vanilla Stardust

Smooth rich vanilla scent.