No-Melt Fragrance Tarts™

This is a safe, clean and fun option to infuse fragrance into your living space. These No-Melt Tarts™ do not liquefy in low-temperature warmers and are easy to use.  Just add a tart or two to a warmer.  (Tarts may soften or gently liquefy on higher temperature)  Ideal for use with our Plugables™ Fragrance Vases or other low-temperature warmers.  When fragrance fades, replace with fresh tart and dispose of the used one.  Each tart has 150+ hours of fragrance.

Store unused tarts in the package or other resealable container to retain fragrance.  No mess and non-toxic. We offer six wonderful fragrances with three to a pack, 14 g each.

Available in Apple Orchard, Icy Cinnamon, Evergreen, Vintage Lavender, Pumpkin Spice, and Vanilla Bourbon.