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Hand Crafted Local Indiana Artisans

Shop our unique gifts from local artisans. We offer a wide variety of one of a kind items from furniture, pottery, knitting, baskets, jewelry, books, illustrations, paintings and more.

We are open seven days a week from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm. and located on I-70, exit 145
next to the Warm Glow Candle Outlet in Centerville Indiana.

Meet the Artisans...

Amanda Griffey

In her own words, Amanda is an eccentric blend of farm girl, cowgirl, and tomboy.  Born the oldest of three into a 4th generation farm family, Amanda lived much of her childhood on her grandparents small dairy farm. Values of hard work, faith, and an appreciation for nature, were instilled in her at a young age, and made an impact that is seen in much of her artwork.

As a youth, Amanda was active in both 4-H and FFA. She showed dairy cattle, horses, and competed with her artwork, where she won top honors at both County and State level.  Amanda graduated from Union County High School in 1997 and then enrolled at Indiana University East. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies with Concentration in Fine Art from Indiana University East in 2002.

Amanda also loved training and showing horses and she worked in the equine industry for many years, gaining a deep understanding of horses and horse people. Amanda and her husband Thomas have two sons, Joseph and Joshua. They currently reside near Thomas’s family’s farm where he is employed, just minutes from where she grew up. They enjoy raising their sons in the traditions they were raised in, of faith, family, and farming.

Amanda’s art has been juried into numerous shows including the RAM Annual Exhibit in 2013-2016, the Equine Jubilee in 2015 and 2016, has been featured on the cover of CP Hidden Treasures 3 and 4, has won an Honorable Mention from the Colored Pencil Society of America and has been featured by Arts Business Institute.

Besides art, Amanda loves spending time with her family, quiet mornings and a good cup of coffee.

AmRae Creations and Peace, Love & Paint with Claudia

“AmRae Creations” is a collection of reclaimed furniture & unique pieces with a classy yet fun young design by Angel Rae Miller. Each piece is simple and unique and can fit in most any home. For me, it’s all about bringing life back to the things once forgotten. Giving each a little touch of who I am along the way. My goal is to give people something special for their homes. That perfect piece that says, “Hey! Look at me!”.
“Peace Love & Paint with Claudia” is a “drink wine & paint” event that started as a result of donating several paintings to cancer benefits. It has grown into multlple parties weekly, private parties, children’s parties and more. I enjoy sharing my passion for painting with others. I am constantly painting commission pieces and always add my own fun twist. I have been blessed to have paintings all over the country from Florida, Texas, Oregon, Illinois, New York and Cananda. Also hanging in several Indiana medical centers, offices including the University of Kentucky Louisville. I enjoy painting colorful and happy pieces in addition to a few emotional exceptions.

Peace Love Paint

Be Me Butters & Oils

Necessity is the mother of invention is an English-language proverb, meaning, the primary driving force for new inventions is a need, and that indeed was the birth of  Be Me Butters & Oils.
Several years ago, I found myself as the caregiver to my aging mother with Alzheimer’s. Once a vibrant small business owner in our nation’s capital, yes I loved D.C. and never considered returning to Indiana, even less likely, to my hometown of New Castle, Indiana.  But tell God your plans, and he will reveal his, and back home he sent me to take care of my Mom.

Mom is 91 years young!  We are so blessed that she can still do most things for herself and recognizes us.  Yes, that her picture Easter 2016. Several years ago, she developed severe dry skin and started to dig into it, causing skin issues.  I tried expensive and even cheap lotions to help, but to no avail.  After many attempts, I remember going to bed one night, asking God, how am I going to stop Mom from digging into her skin?  That night, I had a dream and the message was, Shea Butter, Coconut and Almond Oils So I mixed them together and the first couple of tries were not successful, but I continued and finally created a consistency close to what we have today.
Problem solved right?  Not so fast, Mom stopped digging and her skin actually looked good!  But she wanted a scent.  So off I run to a local health store and purchase essential oils.  I add the oils to the butter and apply it to both of us; within a few hours, we were both covered with a rash.  That began my research and study of essential oils, and guess what I discovered, not all oil are equal.   In fact, there are only a few oils you can or should apply topically; and they are known as therapeutic grade.  I chose and still use one of purest essential oil on the market.  It’s certified pure, yes it cost more, but I have never had anyone with a reaction in five years with hundreds of customers.
Studying essential oils and alternative health solutions, empowered me to address all the health challenges in our family, that has grown to five. But that’s a story for another day. Our products and offerings are constantly evolving, as there is a need; we create a solution, not only for dry skin, but now for gout, acne, restless  legs, ADHD, sleep, anxiety, and so on

We invite you to review our every expanding product and let us know how it works for you!

Brenda Bentley

“ART, We Blessed” ~Poetry in Motion~

Hand-crafted, wearable art creation, unique repurposed items, such as my Gramda’s “Snickerdoodle” dresses from 1960, she made for me every summer.  She sewed dresses and I learned how to make cookies. Honoring her, I recreated the dress for all seasons, all sizes and for all times.  Each dress has a button representing the cookie on it”  My #1 seller, one size fits most. Many lessons learned in that kitchen!

Earrings, Inspiration Bracelets & Key Rings, Necklace Sets, A Wooden Chapel Nightlight, Broaches, Unique Denim Jackets and Covers.  Plus sizes available!

Stop in and visit.  Designer on site most weekends, noon till 4 pm.

Brenda “Art, We Blessed”

Elmtree Pottery

It all started with an old one-speed electric pottery wheel and clay carved from the banks of the river behind my family home in Indiana. I took my first ceramics class at age 14, fell in love with it and have been throwing on the wheel since the late 1990’s. This passion for clay developed into selling my work at art and craft shows to help financially with college.  I enjoy the adventure of experimenting with the flexibility of clay and the exciting possibilities each glaze has. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm of clay with students by teaching ceramic classes at the Richmond Art Museum.
After the birth of our second child in 2011, I became a full time stay-at-home homeschooling mom. Spending time at the wheel started to become a reality again and now the small business has grown from seasonal shows only to added in-store locations.
If you select one of my pieces, know that it started as a solitary lump of clay. Time and much practice has helped make the design you now hold and I hope you may have many years of enjoyment with it.
Richmond, Indiana

Franklin Pine Wood Shop

Gifts By Marvin

I started making country crafts in 1980 and selling them at local festivals.  After raising three children and building my own home, I soon found I needed to add something new and different to my woodworking profession.

As I was searching the web for other woodworking projects I saw this tutorial on how to make band saw boxes.  I built a few boxes using a free template and soon realized the possibilities were endless and I was quickly hooked.  So I added my creative mind to the mix to build the creative handmade treasure boxes you see today.  I use many different kinds of exotic and hard woods in each box so that no two boxes are the same.

I take great pride in every item I make and each handmade treasure box you see are all crafted one at a time making each unique in its own way.  My boxes are sturdy with a smooth and shiny finish and built to last a lifetime.

Thank you for your interest and support to my handmade treasure boxes.

Hillary Wright ~ Hildegarde of Alquina

Hildegarde of Alquina (al-quine-ah) specializes in turning vintage tin containers into beautiful, unique jewelry. Tin pieces are clear coated to protect the patina that is unique to each tin. In addition to tin, there are decoupage laser cut wood earrings and a variety of other mixed media jewelry.

Hilary Wright, The Artist behind Hildegarde of Alquina

I have always been an artistic person. Even as a small child in rural Connersville, Indiana, I enjoyed designing and creating. My passion led me to Indiana University to study interior design. I worked as a design engineer for ten years and then a project manager for two. During this time, I poured all my creative energies into my work. When I changed my job, my creative outlet was stymied. I began to seek out other opportunities to express myself. It was in May of 2010 that I realized my passion for jewelry design and construction. A brief time later, I started Hildegarde of Alquina.

I have several founts of inspiration, but one of my greatest is taking apart the ordinary and crafting something extraordinary. I allow my imagination to give a new existence to anything that has been discarded, broken, or simply outdated. With the support of my husband of 23 years and daughter, I can live my dream of creating and designing completely unique jewelry. It is truly a blessing to watch someone else get pleasure from my designs and creations.

Jan Parrish

Joyful Creations

Kat Davis Designs

Katherine Barnes

I am Katherine Barnes. I am a local Wayne County potter. I grew up on a farm outside of Middletown, Ohio, where you would find me barefoot, climbing trees, and making mudpies in the creek. My passion for pottery was ignited when I took a ceramics class at Lakota High in West Chester, Ohio. I loved getting my hands dirty throwing clay on the potter’s wheel. (Thanks Larry Kearns!!) All my free time was spent in the art room. Then life took over and raising a family was my priority. It was 27 years later that I had the opportunity to get back into clay. I went to the home of a
local potter for classes. The minute my hands touched clay, it all came back. It started out as just a hobby to get out of the house for a little “me” time, but then with the encouragement from family and friends I made the investment in my own equipment.

To take a lump of clay and create it into something unique and wonderful is such a gift. To me it is a reflection of how God, the Master Potter,  shapes our lives to become a unique and wonderful individual.  Being able to create pieces that bring joy to others is such a blessing.

Kathleen Powell ~ Grannagirlshop

Transforming one “little caterpillar” at a time into a “beautiful butterfly”

Hello!  My name is Kathleen Powell aka Granna.  I live in Connersville (Fayette County), Indiana with my husband, Mark.  I am a retired elementary school teacher.

I have been sewing as a hobby for many years.  My daughter, Laura, and son, Kevin, were the first recipients of my items.  Now, I have the pleasure of creating fashions for my granddaughters, Gwen and Anna, and grandson, Levi, as well as those adorable children in your life!

At the beginning of this adventure, I was given two pillowcases and asked to make dresses from the fabric.  I had never thought of repurposing fabric in that way!  My granddaughters benefited from that project, and the idea for my shop became real.  I was encouraged to expand my hobby by offering dresses for sale for other little girls.

I also have a passionate interest in butterflies.  While teaching, and since then, I have raised, tagged, and released monarchs during the summer season.  I grow milkweed in my yard to attract them.  Their migration population has significantly declined, so increasing their natural habitat is a priority for its survival.  That fact led me to adopt the policy of using repurposed fabrics, as much as possible, in my dresses, thus reducing the carbon footprint of my clothing.  I also donate a portion of the profit from each dress to an organization that supports helping the monarch butterfly.

When possible, I add a butterfly or nature pocket to the dress.  In this way I hope to give the children awareness of the beauty in nature that is all around us.  You might even find some flower seeds in a pocket, so you can help the butterflies, too!

The dresses in my shop are easy to care, easy wear, versatile styles.  They can be worn as dresses alone or paired with shirts and leggings/tights for a more fashionable look.  All of them are one-of-a-kind, designed and handcrafted by me.  I do make some that are similar in design.  I offer custom orders in different sizes, when I have fabric available.  You can contact me if you are interested in having a dress made especially for your little one!

Have a butterfly day!

Kids At Heart Publishing

Laura Fredericks

Linville Concrete

Mary Thalls Pottery

Monte Bane

Monte Bane is a full-time professional artist that specializes in many mediums of fine art including color pencil, graphite, and acrylic painting. Monte is best known for his ability to showcase realism in his work. His work is regionally known in the Midwest and has been sought after by both corporate and private collectors. Monte has a natural born talent to bring ideas to life. His creative process includes painting, drawing, custom framing and wood working.

Custom Art and Freelance Services For Your Needs
Color Pencil
Custom Framing
Custom Art

Pillows Talk

Stella Witte

Visit me online!

And follow me on Facebook!

Stella has been painting for 2 years and has sold 220 paintings. Her education includes Earlham College and IU East. She has taught Unwind and Create Class at Preble County Art Association.  Stella was in Women In Art Market at Eiteljorg Museum Indianapolis and Dayton Art Institute Oktoberfest, both juried shows. She was recently accepted to Ann Arbor Show in July, 2017, a juried national show with 400,000 visitors.
She has ongoing exhibits at Warm Glow Candle, Dayton Art Institute gift shop and has had solo exhibits at IU East, Morrison Reeves Library, a yearly solo exhibit at Centerville Library every May, as well as painting in the permanent collection at Centerville Library.
Her paintings are always in the Richmond Art Museum Holiday Show November thru December and currently hang in many businesses, also.
Stella’s awards include Richmond Art Museum, Randolph County Art Association, and IU East.
Visit stellawitte.com or paintingsthatmakeyousmile.com to view paintings, t-shirts, tiles, mugs, card assortments and prints, all items are Free Shipping! And follow her on Facebook!
She does many commission requests and would be happy to do commission work for you. To view some of the commission work that she has completed, visit her website and click on the “About” tab at the top of the Home Page.

The Silver Dragonfly - Terri Decker

I am a mom, an artist, a creator and a dreamer. My passion is to create beautiful fine silver and copper jewelry that tells a story. My goal is to evoke emotion with every piece that I design.
The main component of each piece of my jewelry is handcrafted from recycled silver. It is fine silver – 99% pure. (Yes, it does tarnish. ALL silver tarnishes. Although fine silver tarnishes at a slower rate than sterling silver) A few of my designs are created with copper. A majority of my designs include a quote, I then incorporate additional charms to help bring life to the piece.
I hope the end user enjoys wearing their jewelry as much as I enjoy creating it.

Uniquely You