Thin Line Collection

Real heroes don’t wear capes. …

Day in and day out they provide essential services to our neighborhoods that help keep us safe.  Bravely doing a job that puts others first.  When everyone else is running away from danger, they run into it making sure the scene is secure and that no one else is in danger.

To these brave men and women – Thank you for your service, for being a part of our daily lives, for your involvement with students in our schools.  For being role models and leaders for our communities.

We support you.  We thank you.  We appreciate you.  We honor your families who continue to sacrifice so their loved ones can serve the rest of us and keep our communities safe.

Bravery is not the absence of fear, but resilience despite that fear.

A portion of the proceeds from each Thin Line Hearth candle sold will be donated to help law enforcement / fire response organizations.

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